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Rudgwick Metals Limited
Church Street, Rudgwick
West Sussex
RH12 3ED

TEL: +44 (0)1403 822471
FAX: +44 (0)1403 822311
EMAIL: mail@rudgwickmetals.co.uk

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We have an extensive stock of metal sections and products, and because we process base-metal to industry-leading tolerances, we always have a vast selection available. From specialist Steels to rolled Aluminium, Copper tube to extruded Brass, we prepare and deliver it to you from stock.

Click on any of the different metals below to view what we have available:

Alloy Steel
EN14 (150M19) Round.
EN16T (605M36) Round & Hexagon.
EN19T(708M40,709M40) Round.
EN24A (817M40) Flat & Round & Square.
EN24T (817M40) Round.
EN30B (835M30) Round.
EN34 (665M17) Round.
EN36B (655M13) Round.
EN40B (722M24) Round. 
Please contact our sales office for your exact specification on 01403 822471

Owing to the vast range of forms and sizes available, it is not possible to show every item.  Ring and we will gladly assist you in making an imformed decision.

Please you give us the opportunity to quote against your metal requirements.

Our 7.5 tonner delivery lorry