Alloy Steel

EN14 (150M19)Round
EN16T (605M36)Round & Hexagon.
EN24A (817M40)Flat & Round & Square.
EN24T (817M40)Round.
EN30B (835M30)Round.
EN34 (665M17)Round.
EN36B (655M13)Round.
EN40B (722M24Round. 

Alloy Steel

Aluminium Alloys

In its pure form, the metal is easily worked and possesses a high level of corrosion resistance but its low strength reduces the number of applications for which it is suitable. When alloyed, however, aluminium becomes an extremely versatile and widely used material. The alloying elements used are dependant on the finished article required. Additions of copper, iron, zinc, nickel, tin, lead, magnesium and silicon are all used to improve its attributes. Improved strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, workability, weldability and machinability are all possible.

6063T6  (HE9TF)Angle & Box & Channel & Double Feather Edge & Flats & Half Round Moulding's & Round  & Square & T.Sect. & Tube & Ornimental Sections.
2014A (HE15TF)Sheet & Flat & Round & Square & Plate.
6082T6 (HE30TF)Angle & Box & Channel & Hexagon & I Beam & Round Flat & Sheet & Treadplate & Square & T.Section & Tubes & Strip & Plate & Wire.
2011T3 (FC1)Hexagon, Round (Up to 8" Dia).

Aluminium Bronze

CA103, CA104, DGS1043.In Hexagon & Rounds

Black Steel

BS4360 43A.Angle, Channel, Flat, Handrail, Beams, Plate, Round, Square, T Sections, Sheet..
BS4360 43C.Circular Hollow, Rolled Hollow Section
CR4.Sheet, Strip, Disc’s
Galvanised.Sheet, Strip, Wire, Water Barrel, Gas Barrel.
Corrugated Sheets.
ZintecSheet, Strip


CZ108Angle Flat & Discs & Plate & Sheet & Shim Strip & Wire Woven Mesh & Perforated Sheet 
Hexagon & Plate Round.
CZ112Hexagon & Round.
CZ114Angle & Channel & Hexagon & Round & Square T Section & Tube & Flat & Studding
CZ121Fittings for Water Tube
CZ126Tube & Box.
CZ101Gilding Metal Sheet.

Bright Steels

EN1A (230M07)Flat, Hexagon, Round, Square
EN1A Pb (230M07Pb)Hexagon, Round  
EN32B. ( 080A15)Hexagon, Round, Square, Flat.
EN32M. ( 210M15)Rounds.
EN3B.( 070M20)Round, Hexagon, Flat, Square.
EN2A. ( 040A10)Bending Quality Flat.
EN6A. ( 080M30)Key Steel Flat & Square.
EN8.(080M40,080A42Hexagon, Round, Plate.

Cast Iron

Round, Flat, Square, Castings 


C101Flat, Round, Square, Plate, Woven Mesh,  Elbows.
C103Round, Plate.
C106Sheet, Tube, Shim, Discs, Roofing Copper In Coil.
ALSOSoft Copper Tube in Coil.

Engineering Plastic

ACETAL(Black & Natural), Round, Tubes, Sheet, Plate.
ACRYLICPlate, Sheet.
P.V.C.Round, Plate, Tube.
MAKROLONPlate, Sheet.
PERSPEXSheet, Plate.
NYLATRONRound, Sheet, Plate, Tube.
NYLON & NYLON66Round, Plate, Tube.
POLYPROPELENERound, Sheet, Tube, Plate.
P.T.F.E.Round, Plate, Tube.
TUFNOLIn Various Grades In Round & Plate.


Sheet, Plate, Round, Flat, Tube, Shot.

Mesh & Expanded Mesh

Available in Stainless, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminium,  Brass in a range of shapes and sizes.

Perforated Sheet

Available in Stainless  Mild Steel   Brass

Phosper Bronze

SAE660Hollow Bar, Rounds.
GUN METALRound, Hollow Bar, Square, Castings.
PB102Flat, Hexagon, Plate, Round, Square, Sheet, Strip.
PB1Round, Hollow Bar, Plate, Castings.


It is a basic alloy of steel that contains chromium but other alloying elements are added to provide specific attributes. Stainless steel finds many applications where a hard material is required that will resist corrosive attack. It is the addition of a minimum of 11% of chromium that gives stainless steel its ability to withstand corrosive attack. Chromium has the effect of creating a naturally protective oxide film on the surface of the metal – a film that ‘self-heals’ almost directly after removal of the metal surface. This is very similar to the action found in aluminium, which makes it such an atmospheric resistant metal.

T303S31 (1.4305)Hexagon, Round, Square, Precision Ground H8 Tol.
T304 (1.4301,1.4306)Angle, Box, Disc's, Flat, Hexagon, Round, Square, Seamless Tube, Welded & Polished Tube & Box, Plate, Mesh, Sheet (Bright Annealed, Dull Polished & Descaled), Perforated Sheet, Strip In Coil, Elbows & Fittings.
T316 (1.4401,1.4404)Angle, Box, Disc's, Flat, Hexagon, Plate, Round, Square, Seamless & Welded & Polished Tubes, Wire In Coil, Precision Ground H8 Tols Round, Sheet (BA., DP1, Desc.)
T321 (1.4541)Limited Range of Round, Plate.
T325Limited Range of Round.
T416Hexagon, Round
T431 (1.4057)Hexagon, Round.
Please Note :- Studding & Mesh Available on Short Delivery Times.